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Rens Automation

Barth Industrial Automation has received the order from Rens Automation for the engineering, assembly and delivery of control and operating panels for the ultrasonic cutting machine UC-600e.

Thanks to the ultrasonic cutting technique, this slicer can make very clean, tight and sharp cuts in the pastry. By using a robot and a small footprint, the machine is very flexible and can be moved quickly. The cutting machine is therefore easy to fit into any existing production line or any production location. The UC-600e cuts round cakes and pies into slices, pastries in rectangular cubes or triangular shapes or a continuous supply of product (portioned) by means of on-the-fly cutting.

Rens Automation designs and produces complete production lines that meet the needs, wishes and circumstances of the customers. With their expertise in the ‘bakery world’ they can meet all needs and find the best possible solution.


Rens Automation




Food industry


Supply of control and operating panels ultrasone cutting machine

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