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As experts in industrial automation, we optimise processes with reliable, intelligent and efficient application solutions. Our engineers are happy to start developing machine control and robot systems, automising production processes and developing data monitoring and management information systems.

Full machine control systems

We are specialists in designing and producing machine control systems, developing both hardware and software in-house. Our service engineers work with companies around the globe on a daily basis, assembling and installing our systems. Many of our clients operate in the food sector.

Automising production processes

Our engineers love to engulf themselves in complex control system problems that make them use all of their knowledge, craftsmanship and creativity. We regularly develop control systems for entire production processes that involve the managing of multiple machines.

automatisering productieprocessen


Developing robots that ensure a larger production capacity is one of our passions. Robots can execute actions without failure, resulting in a higher scalability and a reduction of the work load in the production process.

Data monitoring and management information systems

We are experts in unlocking information on any aspect of the installation. By developing data monitoring and management information systems, we provide our clients with powerful tools to manage the process. Our software specialists create user-friendly applications that provide real-time insights into the workings of an installation, wherever it is deployed.

UL 508A certification

Aside from knowledge, we have a lot of experience around the UL certificate. We design and create electrical enclosures that follow the UL 508A norms. By completely constructing our enclosures out of components that are UL-certified, we can issue the UL certificate.

UL-certified and cUL-certified

Because we serve clients from around the globe, we know the rules and regulations of different countries. We are UL-certified for the American market and cUL-certified for the Canadian market. This means that we are audited four times per year to make sure we still work according to the rules and demands at hand.

Gecertificeerd Canadese markt (cUL)Gecertificeerd Noord-Amerikaanse markt (UL)

“The importance of innovation continues to grow in our field of work."

Chelo Florentina