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Machine building

As a machine builder, you want to focus on designing and selling innovative machines. But what a machine also needs in order to work properly, is a fit control mechanism. Specialised knowledge of industrial automation is required. You can try to make it work in-house or leave it to the professionals.

Industrial automation is quite a different cup of tea. With a growing international demand for machinery, production capacity may fall short. Consequentially, you’re not able to sell as many products as you want to, resulting in longer delivery times. In a growing economy, that is something nobody needs.

UL certificate

As an innovative machine builder, you face international rules and regulations, such as a UL certificate. If you are not able to get certified yourself, you should contact a specialist. Machines in North America are not allowed to operate without a UL certificate.

Barth Industrial Automation is a specialised partner in industrial automation for machine builders. We are UL-listed and authorised to deliver complete UL-certified applications. From design and control panel building to international installation. Around the globe, a lot af machines operate on Barth Industrial Automation products.

What's in it for you?

Fast delivery to you client
Large production capacity
Specialised knowledge and partnership in industrial automation
Applications according to current rules and regulations
cUL of UL certificate for North America