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Smart industrial automation

In a world that yearns for more consumer goods, industrial automation is a necessity. The global population keeps on growing and prospering. More people can afford quality food. To meet this growing demand, you need to produce swiftly, in large amounts and at small costs. This is where smart industrial automation comes in.

Low-cost efficiency

As a manufacturer or machine constructor, you raise production capacity and lower costs. The market keeps on developing at a fast pace. Can you keep up with the competition?

Partner in industrial automation

Barth Industrial Automation is a partner in industrial automation. We control, manage, compute and monitor production processes and machines. By applying techniques such as SCADA, MES, PLC, Motion Control and robotising, we can help you optimise your machines or production line.

Custom solutions

Barth Industrial Automation can take care of the automation of your machine or production line. From design to on-site installation. We supply hardware and software, control panel construction, robotising, data monitoring, management information systems and integral installations. You can opt for the full-service approach or just choose the amount of support you need. That is what we call a custom solution.


What's in it for you?

A custom solution
Efficiency for your client
Cost reduction for your client
Better competitive position
Partner in industrial automation