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Barth Industrial Automation is cUL-certified

Many innovative machine builders are successful internationally. Every country has its own standards when it comes to machine safety. Canada holds particularly strict rules for machine safety. When you deploy your machines in Canada, a UL certificate is needed. Barth Industrial Automation is cUL-certified, which means we design, create en certify our control panels and enclosures according to UL508A.

cUL certificate and CE certificate

Canada holds stronger safety regulations than the rest of the world. The European CE certificate doesn’t suffice. In North America, certification and registration by a third party such as cUL is mandatory. Local governments strictly monitor the application of theses rules. Technical installations, control panels and enclosures are not allowed to be deployed in Canada without a cUL certificate.

cUL in practice

In designing and creating an electrical enclosure that meets the UL508A norms, a number of components should be cUL-certified. These are the components you can use. Components that aren’t listed can only be used after a field test. When we build an enclosure with cUL-listed components only, we can issue the certificate. The enclosures that are bound for Canada, receive a unique number and a cUL label. If a product lacks a number, it can’t be deployed in North America.

Vast experience and knowledge of cUL-certified machines

Barth Industrial Automation passed all exams and certifications leading up to becoming cUL-listed. Many of our customers use our cUL-certified enclosures. Apart from our knowledge, we also have a lot of experience in cUL certification. As a UL specialist, we are audited unannounced  four times per year by cUL. In this way, we can guarantee our quality. In turn, you can optimally serve your Canadian clients with cUL-certified machines.