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machine building and food industry

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Quick and efficient automation

As a product manufacturer or machine builder, it is important that your machine or production line works efficiently and optimally. Malfunctions make for time and money loss. Furthermore, every day new and faster machines and processes find their way to the market. A quick and efficient production process automation helps to reduce time and costs, resulting in a better place among the competition.

A job for specialists

Production process automation is a highly specialised job. Do you really want to work more efficiently? Barth Industrial Automation specialises in complete production process automation involving the controlling of multiple machines. We can also develop applications that provide real-time insights into the workings of the production process, constantly keeping in mind the rules and regulations that are applicable in a specific country. For production process automation in North America, we provide UL-certified solutions..

A large, specialised and committed team

Barth Industrial Automation houses a large team of committed and hard-working hardware and software engineers. We manufacture our electrical enclosures ourselves, deploying them in a variety of branches. In the past years, we have accumulated a lot of specialised knowledge in the food sector in particular. We always strive to be your partner in production process automation.

What working with Barth Industrial Automation brings you:

  • efficient production process automation;
  • a head start on the competition;
  • specialised knowledge and partnership in production process automation;
  • applications according to the latest safety rules and regulations;
  • cUL of UL certificate for North America.